About Me

bikesh maharjan This is Bikesh Maharjan, A freelance web designer from Kathmandu, Nepal I have been developing websites for nearly two years now.. Currently I am working as web Programmer in Design Offshore Nepal. If you have anything to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me.

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My Proficiency

My Proficiency Below are the list of what I can offer you:
» Web design
» HTML5 and CSS3
» Web Development
    (Static / Dynamic)
» Ecommerse site Development
» Open Source CMS(Wordpress)
» Search Engine Optimization

More Detials

My Portfolio

view my portfolioThe Portfolio consist of wide range of sites from various field Includes static sites, dynamic sites, e-commerce sites along with open source CMS customization. The portfolio is my hard earned effort of last two years. Please do checkout my works and if you think of working with me, I'm always there.

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